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Delegation is NOT Abdication.

The outcome is still your responsibility – even if you have outsourced the work to someone else.

When taking on the role of CEO, COO or even just a manager, you are responsible for the outcome of the jobs and tasks you assign to those underneath you.

What are the Steps you choose to take when Delegating?

Here are the ones I think are important.

1. Deciding what to delegate

2. Selecting the best person with whom to delegate the task(s)

3. Communicate the expectation and workflow (including document and where possible help automate or semi-automate the process

4. Provide the necessary resources

5. Specify the level of authority – make sure they know if they are allowed to deviate, act etc. (one of these 5 options)

A. Here is what I need you to do, do not deviate from my instructions – i’ve researched the options and what it done exactly like this——–

B. Here is what I need you to do. I want you to research the topic and report back with findings. We can discuss it then.——–

C. Here is what i need you to do, I want you to research the topic and then make a recommendation – Give me the Pro’s / Cons but tell me what you think we should do. If I agree I will authorize you to move forward.——–

D. I need you to evaluate the options, make the best decision on your own, execute the decision, tell me what you did and keep me apprised of your progress – if needed I will then provide feedback after the fact.——–

E. I am giving you the Entire Project – I have empowered you to research, make decisions, take action and I do NOT need you to report back to me.

6. Give them room to operate

7. Check back in to make sure they do not need help and to see how things are progressing

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